STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS of Quotation and Fencing Sale and/or Installation Contract


In this quotation PREMIER WALLS AND FENCING PTY LTD (ABN: 50 619 651 259) will be referred to as “the Company” and the person or legal entity to whom this quotation is addressed will be referred to as “the Purchaser”

1. Every quotation is an estimate and is subject to withdrawal at any time prior to the Company’s acceptance of the Purchaser’s order.
2. The Price is based on the Purchaser providing a cleared site with any existing fence demolished and removed. The price is further based on a surveyed alignment and a pegged fence line being provided by the Purchaser. Unless included in this quotation, any costs incurred in respect of clearing the site, demolishing and/or removing any existing fences or other structures, surveying the alignment or pegging the fence line will be extra to the price quoted and shall be charged to the Purchaser.
3. Unless stated in quotation no allowance has been made for soil/debris removal or any obstructions such as rock, concrete, tree roots, broken posts or any other matter which may be encountered during the performance of the Contract. An additional charge based on ruling for labour plus the costs of hire of any necessary equipment will be made to cover the costs of drilling or removing such obstructions. An additional charge calculated on the basis set out in this clause will also be payable:

(A) For any excavation extra to those quoted which are required by the Local Council or other authority or required because of site or soil condition; and

(B) For any delays caused by the Purchaser’s error or delay in providing details and/or instructions or caused by any change in the proposal quoted for or caused by the Purchaser’s unavailability or lack of access to the site to enable works to proceed.

4. The Purchaser undertakes that prior to the placing of an order they have obtained the approval and consent of all relevant government authorities in relation to fencing bylaws and all property owners and occupants affected in any way by the contract and hereby indemnifies the Company against all claims, costs and expenses which it may incur because of the Purchaser’s failure to obtain such approval or consent. The Company reserves the right to re-quote the job to completion if such a delay occurs.
5. In the Event of the company’s or its agent’s vehicle entering upon any property in furtherance of the Contract the Company will not be responsible for any damage to the Purchaser’s property or that of another party and the Purchaser shall indemnify the Company and hold the Company harmless against any charge or costs or whatsoever nature and kind incurred because of or arising out of the Company or its agent’s vehicle entering the property.
6. It shall be the Purchaser’s responsibility to protect all trees and shrubs and the Company accepts no responsibility for damage to same.
7. The Purchaser agrees to pay an additional 20% margin + GST to the Company on all charges from third party contractors engaged by The Company and associated with the scope of works.

Schedule of Payment


A 50% payment of the total purchase price including GST is required upon acceptance of quote. An accurate site measure will not be carried out until this deposit payment is made. A further 30% including GST of the total purchase price is required at the time the wall has been erected prior to painting. The balance of the total purchase price is required upon completion of the wall.

Full and final payment is required within 3 working days from the date of the tax invoice. Transfer of ownership of goods will not occur until the invoice is paid in full. Interest on overdue invoices will be charged at “Bankers Retail Index Rates currently at 10% p.a.” PREMIER WALL AND FENCING PTY LTD reserves the rights at our discretion to recover any product remaining unpaid for.

Should debt collector costs be incurred these will be the responsibility of the Purchaser.

NOTE: If purchasing a kit set wall, 50% including GST is required upon acceptance of quote and full and final payment is required upon delivery of product.

Warranty Statement


PREMIER WALLS AND FENCING product is covered by a 10-year manufacturers faulty workmanship and/or materials warranty to the original purchaser. Pedestrian and Driveway gates are outsourced and manufactured by a separate company. The manufacturer’s warranty on any part of these products including electric/solar components is 2 years from the date of installation. Aluminium Powder Coated Capping and Slats are outsourced and manufactured by a separate company. The manufacturer’s warranty on these is 2years from date of installation. Paint system if applied by PWF is warrantied for a period of 2 years.

Failure to install this product to the specification set out in the installation manual may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Failure to install pillar ventilation vents as per installation guide may void the manufacturer’s warranty.
The texture coat colour applied to premier wall and fencing modular kitsets must have a Light Reflective Value (LRV) greater than 40%. Refer to the texture coat manufacturer for the coating’s LRV

Failure to paint walls/pillar (including pillar tops) immediately upon completion may void any manufacturer’s warranty.

PREMIER WALLS AND FENCING PTY LTD will not warranty any damage caused during transport or handling by the customer or any third party.

It is preferred but not essential that a concrete mow strip is installed to protect the base of the wall from lawn maintenance equipment damage.

Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover damage caused by natural ground movement, it is the responsibility of the customer to ascertain the stability of the ground where the wall is to be installed.

Premier Walls are not designed to retain any back fill. Sufficient drainage is required to remove all ‘Run off’ clear of the wall. Failure to do this will void Manufacturer’s Warranty.

In the event the customer has declined to supply a ‘dial before you dig’ report the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover any damage to underground services during installation.

Premier Walls and Fencing endeavours to complete all work by stated completion dates however, Premier Walls and Fencing will not be liable for any delays due to inclement weather and/or delays from any third-party contractor/supplier.

The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover the cost of removal and/or re-installation of any damaged product.

NOTE: Your new wall may settle over the next 6-8 weeks and the joint between the panel/pillar may open slightly, this is perfectly normal as the wall “settles” in. If you notice a small gap and have installed the wall yourself, simply re-apply sealer to the gap and re-paint. If the manufacturer installed the wall give us a call and we will rectify for you.



Any information supplied by PREMIER WALLS AND FENCING PTY LTD at the time of quotation is considered accurate. PREMIER WALLS AND FENCING PTY LTD reserves the right to change specifications at any time.

Owner installation: PREMIER WALLS AND FENCING PTY LTD will not accept any liability for site safety and/or injury to the Customer or any contractor/tradesmen or other party.

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