Premium Fence Builders

Richard as a qualified carpenter along with Michael who has over 30 years in the manufacturing field decided there has to be a more cost-effective solution to fence your front yard other than block and render! They began to do some research studying their direct competitor’s manufacturing modular fencing systems up close noticing various flaws in their product and design.

Premier Walls and Fencing decided they wanted to offer what its competitors couldn’t for the same price or cheaper, they designed their modular fence panels and pillars to imitate a traditional block and render fence right down to the very last detail, picking up on the obvious faults of block walls led them to engineer their products to suit Australian conditions to eliminate cracking from movement.

Starting in the garage they quickly outgrew that and ended up in a large factory located in Molendinar on the Gold Coast where they are now losing room to move!

Michael & Richard of Premier Walls and Fencing have put endless hours into research and development to ensure their products are nothing short of premium modular fences.

Because their walls are remarkably similar to traditional walls at half the cost they have had great success with expanding their business, with endless customers choosing them over other front yard fence systems because they just want that elegant look for an affordable price.

They have had a lot of positive feedback from builders, landscapers and DIY customers on how quick & easy their kitsets are to install, because premier walls and fencing cuts all their panels and aluminum slats to size it is simply a case of spending the weekend putting it all together.

We are excited to see where premier walls and fencing will be placed in the fencing industry in the upcoming years.

As premium fence builders they have multiple designs in the research and development phase at the moment to keep ahead of their competitors and meet the needs of their customers and the market, be sure to keep an eye on their social media and website to keep up to date!